In-Person Counseling

What to Expect during In-Person Counseling

Once you have completed your admission and assessment you will work with your Care Team to develop a treatment plan and schedule that will work for you.

Depending on your need you will be place in one of the following levels:

High-Intensity Outpatient Treatment

Also known as day treatment or partial hospitalization, this is the highest level of outpatient drug and alcohol rehab, typically meeting five to seven days a week for up to six hours a day. Some people start drug rehab in our high-intensity level of care and others transition into this program after completing inpatient addiction treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Treatment is four days a week and includes a variety of groups and individual sessions.

Low-Intensity Outpatient Treatment

Low-intensity outpatient care is typically a transition program that follows a higher level of care. As your recovery progresses from clinically managed to increasingly self-managed, you will be involved in less-frequent rehab programming and continuing care groups.

After Care Groups

These counseling groups typically meet one day a week. At Life Renewal Behavioral health groups are facilitated by a licensed counselor, and clients take part only after completing an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Each client works with their Care Team to develop individualized plans for continued support and treatment, reinforcing their sobriety as they return home to resume their lives.

Benefits of Outpatient Care

The incredible benefits of outpatient services is that is allows clients to continue living their lives while still receiving the care they need. Client can maintain their responsibilities and commitments that they don’t want to or can’t put on hold.

Outpatient services, depending on the level of care, will only require an investment of several day in the week. For instance, for intensive outpatient program client are seen 3 days a week for at least 3 hours. For outpatient program clients are seen 1 or 2 days are week for 1 or 2 hours.

Candidates for Outpatient Services

There are two general candidates for outpatient services:

1. Client’s  that have completed:


Inpatient Services

2. Client’s  that have completed:

Health, safe, supportive and drug free living environment