On-line Counseling

Life Renewal’s Model of Telemedicine for Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

How it works

Here’s How Life Renewal Behavioral Telehealth Program Works:

Schedule an appointment

It only takes a few minutes.

Download our app and answer a few questions about your treatment goals, then schedule your orientation appointment.

Attend an Admission / Assessment appointment

In an on-line, video appointment, you’ll meet with your care team to complete your sign-up by completing an assessment and intake forms and be oriented to your treatment plan and schedule.

Get the support you need

After your admission, you can schedule appointments with your Life Renewal provider, message your care team any time you’re struggling, talk with your peer support or counselor, work through group material, take drug tests (shipped to you at no additional cost), and engage with other recovery member on a private platforms that allows you to interact at times you need help or support. All of this happens in the Sober Peer mobile app.

How the Experts Describe Telemedicine Services

Telehealth addiction and mental health treatment used to be out of the ordinary, and many people doubted it could work as well as in-person treatment. But now it is widely recognized as being just as effective, while being more flexible and accessible. 

Telemedicine removes barriers to care and increases patient engagement as people are more relaxed in their home environment.

“Telemedicine breaks down barriers to care in so many ways. There’s the obvious fact that it’s very convenient for our clients—they don’t have to take time off work for appointments, or look for a babysitter, or worry about finding transportation. It lets people continue with their daily lives and still receive high-quality care. There are some more subtle benefits—I find that people are more relaxed when they meet with me via telemedicine. They’re in their own space where they are comfortable. It de-medicalizes the encounter and lets people be themselves and open up.”

Dorothy Moore

FNP and Assistant Professor of Nursing, San Jose State University

“We’re dealing with an epidemic within the setting of a pandemic. With telehealth, during COVID-19, it’s also about transforming the way we deliver treatment to make it more accessible to patients. We can be more flexible in setting up visits and working to reschedule no-shows,” said Lewei Allison Lin, MD, MS, an addiction psychiatrist at the University of Michigan Addiction Center and the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. “This is definitely part of the future of care for patients with substance-use disorders.”

Lewei Allison Lin, MD, MS

University of Michigan Addiction Center and the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System

Dr. Lin’s comments came in a webinar, “Telehealth and SUD: Lessons From the Pandemic,” that is part of a series sponsored by the AMA and Manatt Health.

Benefits of On-line Care


As partners in the development of the Sober Peer App, Life Renewal developed a on-line program to closely parallel our face to face outpatient services. On-line care maintains the high-quality experience of our intensive outpatient program, providing engaging psychoeducation and small group sessions, individual counseling, family care and recovery support.


Life Renewal Behavioral Health in conjunction with the Sober Peer App makes exceptional substance abuse treatment convenient for clients and families. The platform is designed for client convenience, simply requiring an internet connection, laptop or desktop computer, smart phone or tablet and camera. By using your existing technology, you can receive innovative addiction and mental health treatment in your home at the click of a button.

Standard of Care

As innovators in on-line care delivery, Life Renewal developed the On-line Care program to closely parallel our face-to-face outpatient services. On-line Care maintains the high-quality experience of our intensive outpatient program, providing engaging psychoeducation and small group sessions, individual counseling, family care and recovery support.

Pros and Cons of On-line Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

On-line care can be of great benefit to those seeking recovery support, but it’s normal to question whether it is right for you. Here are some of the pros and cons of on-line care:

Increased access to addiction treatment Some insurers don’t cover telehealth
Better quality and frequency of care
Telemedicine and licensing laws vary from state to state
Real-time support reduces the risk of relapse
It can be difficult to adapt to virtual meetings
Avoid germs in waiting rooms or spreading a virus
Security risks with electronic transfer of Client information
Reduced waiting times
IT challenges
Ability to see providers in the comfort of their own home
Some homes lack privacy for appointments
Save money on transportation
Spend less time traveling and away from work
No childcare constraints  
Less stress trying to juggle priorities
Life Renewal Behavioral Health Online IOP Care

On-line Intensive Outpatient Treatment Care

On-line Care provides the same evidence-based and individualized, compassionate care components and expert clinicians as our face-to-face treatment centers, but in a virtual environment.

Life Renewal Behavioral Health Online Experience

On-line Experience

On-line Care follows the same schedule as Life Renewal Behavioral Health in-person outpatient treatment: sessions are held three times a week for three hours a day, with daytime and evening options to best fit your schedule.

On-line addiction and mental health treatment also provides identical services to the face-to-face outpatient treatment program. On-line Care services include:

Individual Counseling Sessions

Individual counseling sessions allow you to meet one-on-one with your counselor confidentially on an as-needed basis.

Process Group Counseling

Groups are facilitated by licensed clinicians and serve as an opportunity for healing conversations about the disease of addiction, sharing coping skills and sober strategies and building peer relationships and a community of recovery support.

Addiction Education

On-line Intensive Outpatient Treatment includes engaging educational presentations, dynamic speakers and key conversations that cover the disease of addiction, coping skills, 12 Step teachings, sober strategies and other important topics.

Co-occurring Education

On-line Intensive Outpatient Treatment includes educational presentations be Qualified Mental Health Profession to give insight and understanding into who you are and how your mental health may have be effected through substance use.

Relapse Prevention Planning and Continuing Care Coordination

Life Renewal Behavioral Health individualized, comprehensive care approach includes tailored continuing care planning and coordination with you and your treatment team to help reduce the risk of relapse. That often includes participating in weekly one-hour Continuing Care groups that focus on relapse prevention and peer recovery support, as well as guidance on 12 Step involvement, understanding of the role spirituality play in long term recovery and developing strategies for managing a sober life.