Who We Are

Life Renewal Behavioral Health a division of Adult and Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest

a faith-based Behavioral Health Program that is geared towards addressing both the behavioral and spiritual needs of each client

About Life Renewal Behavioral Health

We understand that untreated clients can be left severely incapacitated from an overdose. Therefore, our caring and experienced staff is dedicated to breaking the cycle of addiction and supporting clients throughout their recovery journey.

Our outpatient center is open to men and women over the age of 18 and meet the criteria for admission


We are committed to finding the most innovative and effective practices and integrating them into treatment plans.

We believe the integration of faith and evidence is what will help sustain our clients in long term recovery.


Our experienced and credentialed staff combine both individual and group counseling intervention to assist clients in developing strategies, skills and insights to equip them to re-establish themselves successfully in the community.

Life Renewal A Division of ATCPNW

Life Renewal is open to community clients and students of the Adult & Teen Challenge long-term residential recovery program.

Addiction is treatable.

Finding underlying issues that fuel them and zeroing in on a method of maintaining stability is Life Renewal’s focus.

We strive to help clients increase their quality of life by enabling them to make healthy lifestyle choices that align with the biblical principles that we teach throughout the program.

Benefit of Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) Programs

These programs are more cost-effective than a residential one, offering families a more budget-friendly option for care.

Insurance may also cover outpatient services or require individuals to try outpatient care before providing coverage for a residential program. IOP and OP are generally best suited to individuals who have a strong support system at home.

Families and loved ones should be on board with the treatment plan, and willing and able to foster an encouraging environment that is conducive for recovery.

Highly trained professionals work closely with families and individuals to make sure that the care plan continues to be beneficial throughout the entirety of an IOP and OP, making changes to services and programming when needed.

What Can You Expect During Treatment?

Individualized interventions

Biopsychosocial assessments

Psychiatric evaluations for mental health

Individual sessions every week with a primary counselor

Drug and alcohol screenings and labs

Group counseling and therapy

Untangling dysfunctional family systems/family counseling

Trauma Informed Care

Flexible schedules to accommodate work and school

Continuing Care

What You Can Expect During Treatment with Life Renewal Behavioral Health


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