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Thank you Life Renewal for everything. I thank God every day he brought Todd in my life!…

It has been amazing! I have been dealing with the lose of my son for 10 years. Every year I lost more and more hope that I would never get over the lose and be or feel normal again. Since I started going to therapy at the center I was finally able to deal with it, it wasn’t only about my alcohol problem. It was about what was the issue causing the problem both physically and spiritually. At the same time dealing with me as a child of God. Its not over yet, but now I can understand a lot more of what and why I have been going through what I have been going through. Todd has been a blessing for me. I can walk in and be real and he will listen. Then he steps in and asks me about something I said, usually making me look at it in a different way or perspective. I could cry, laugh, get angry, feel frustrated and was never made to feel like I was crazy or weak. I have spent so much time faking life because I didn’t have someone that understood or at least tired to without judgment. I was dealing with a lose but also dealing with a lot of disappointment with God. Todd helped me get on the path of forgiving myself and trusting God again. Plus when I leave there every week, I have something to think about and work on. It has been the best roller coaster of my life. First time in years I feel like a son of God with a future and a calling!

There is no question I would recommend this not only to my friends, family but enemies (even scream it from the roof top). Lives can be changed and people like me can feel human again.

Thank you Life Renewal for everything. I thank God every day he brought Todd in my life!

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— Tatiana L

Helped me develop skill to prevent relapse.

Work on identifying root problem of my addiction.

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— Maria

My mental health has improved and now I have learned to set healthy boundaries with others

Portland Life Renewal C.R.O.P Survey

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